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Laser Facial Veins & Thread Vein Removal

What is Facial Thread Removal?

Facial thread veins are removed with the use of a laser. Laser light is directed at the unwanted veins, causing them to heat up extremely quickly; they then break down and collapse in on themselves. Our state-of-the-art lasers  Xlase Plus eliminate only the unwanted red veins and the treatment doesn’t affect surrounding skin, leaving you with healthy and clear, vein-free skin. Laser treatments offer a safe, fast and proven way of minimizing facial thread veins. Our clients often see a visible reduction in unwanted veins by as much as 75% with one to three treatments, so you can expect to say goodbye to red veins and say hello to beautiful, vein-free skin.


Facial thread vein removal treats: facial thread vein – small red veins that appear on the surface of the skin which can affect your confidence. Redness- thread veins on face can cause a general background redness and affect your complexion.

Single Treatment Course of 3
Nose 25 65
Cheeks 25 65
Cheeks and Nose 35 95
Half face 40 110
Full face 50 140
One Leg Area 25 65
Both Leg Subject to consultation Subject to consultation

The new Xlase Calibrated Pulsed Light (CPL) applicator offers several innovative and advanced technology enhancements. Compared to the other IPL systems available on the market, the CPL system has proven to be among the most powerful. It is simple and efficient to operate. Excellent and quick treatment results. Safe for use with no side effect, burn, discomfort to patient. Suitable for most skin types including dark ones. Fast treatments on large areas: 5 cm² with up to 3 pulses per second. Based on Xenon flash lamp emission with chilled water-cooling system and square pulse technology. Ergonomically designed hand piece with five optical filters to treat Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Vessel Removal (Vascular lesions) & Acne treatment.