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8 Point Facelift

The  non-invasive rejuvenation programme focuses on 8 key points of the face. 8 Point Face Lift using dermal fillers is an innovative approach to facial contouring with results that can last up to 18 months. The 8 injection points are extremely important in this procedure, as they work together in harmony to create an effective and natural-looking result.

The 8 precise injection areas are described as follows:

  • Over lateral zygoma (upper/outer cheekbone – the junction between the cheek and the temple)
  • Over junction of maxilla and zygoma (cheekbone)
  • Malar fat pad (within the cheek/mid face)
  • Canine fossa (nasolabial folds)
  • Point of support for oral commissure (marionette lines/mouth corners)
  • Pre-jowl sulcus (hollow along jawline)
  • Angle of the mandible (jawline)
  • Sub-zygomatic hollow (lower cheek hollows)

This provides a comprehensive lift and rejuvenation effect.

8 Point Face Lift

Results of 8-Point Facelift

  • looks and feels very natural
  • not a ‘fake’ or ‘over-done’ look
  • enhances the overall shape of the face
  • lifts the structure and dynamics of the face
  • smoothes the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles
  • gives a general brightening effect
  • reduces of dark circles or under-eye hollows
  • offers improvement in the jowl and jawline
  • helps skin look younger for longer

Areas Encompassed Within 8-Point Facelift

  • cheek structure, volume and definition
  • tear troughs, which can create a tired appearance
  • nose to mouth contours
  • downward smile, sad face
  • looseness in the jowl area
  • lack of definition to jawline

Price: £750 which includes a free consultation prior to treatment