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Cellulite Treatments & Spray Tans

Spray Tan

No Orange, No Nasty Smell And No Streaks with Skinny Tan Spray Tan.
Skinny Tan solution is made with 96% naturally derived ingredient. All Skinny tan products are free from animal testing, animal products and are Vegan friendly
Your therapist will discuss the strength of tan you want and assess your skin type, then create a formulation and shade that’s right for you.

Full Face and Body Spray Tan

Treatment Price £25

Full Face and Body Spray Tan

Add a exfoliation

Half Body

Treatment Price £20

Half Body Spray Tan


MAVEX Body treatment

From the Swiss Research is issued BODY SHAPE LIFTING, a new beauty treatment for the body that unites the most advanced and innovative cosmetic technologies with very precious vegetal natural active ingredients from the Swiss Alps.

Body treatment with lifting effect, Shapes Legs, Firms the Buttocks, You will find the body shape is more defined and rebuilt, The skin is more tonic, firm and soft and it increases skin’s elasticity, firmness and density. The thickness of orange peel tissue and fat deposit reduced.

MAVEX Body SHAPE LIFTINGRich in very precious vegetal natural active ingredients, BODY SHAPE LIFTING has a formula with a mix of complex cosmetic ingredients of a new generation such as Stem Cell Complex®, Hydralyse Complex®, Fosfagen Bio Complex®, Helix Fito Bio Complex®, encapsulated in chains of cyclic oligosaccharides that ensure a controlled and focused release on the target cells responsible for the imperfections of the woman’s body.

Firming Treatment –

It stimulates cellular metabolism, activates lipolysis, mobilizes fatty acids and helps their elimination.


Firming Treatment

Cellulite Treatment –

It transform fats into energy and helps the reduction of adipose tissues, improving the condition of the cellulite.


To get an intense action with a great final result, it’s suggested a cycle of 12 treatments ( 2 each week) switching between CELLULITE and DRAINING FIRMING phases. Daily use of the creams at home will considerably boost the final result.


Cycle of 12 alternating Cellulite and Draining Phases £500

Cellulite Treatment