Semi Permanent Makeup

What is semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent Make up pigments are applied to the surface layer of skin, designed to define and enhance natural facial features. The pigments are implanted using microfine needles, a process which is also known as micropigmentation. Effects will gradually fade over time, depending on factors such as age, exposure to sun and general skin care; however, top-ups can rectify this.


What areas can be worked on?

Clients can choose to treat one area from the following:

Eyeliner (Top or Bottom), Lip Liner, Eyebrows


What about recovery?

Clients are likely to experience swelling of the treated area, which should subside over time. The area will also look darker in colour immediately afterwards, with final results visible in 30 days.


Eyebrows: The treatment can bring definition and fill small areas to total brow recreation.£300.00
Eyeliner: Can be applied many colours. It will give a soft, natural looking enhancement or a more defined line, the choice is yours.£200.00
Lip Liner: can be applied to correct uneven lips, or add full lip colour for natural lips and in the evening apply a lip colour.Full Lip on consultation£250.00
Beauty Spot: can enhance the appearance when applied to any Area.£50.00