Holistic Massages


Indian Head Massage
A wonderful hand on massage. Relieves tension, stress and works on physical, psychological and emotional levels. which gives a feeling of mental and physical well being.

Price25 mins£22.50


Aromatherapy Full Body Swedish Massage
Selected essential oils used for individual need to relieve tension and stress.

Price1 hr£50.00


Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage:

Price30 mins£33.00


Full Body Swedish Massage
Helps to relax and relieve stress to aching muscles.

Price1 hr£45.00


Back and Neck Massage
Relieve tension from back and neck.

Price30 mins£27.00


Leg and Feet Massage
Helps to relieve aches, pain, improves blood circulation and release tension

Price30 mins£25.00


Hot Stone Therapy
Hot stone therapy works on a physical and spiritual level. It relaxes and assists with energy flow through out the body directing it to areas of blockage. Various size of Basalt stone are warmed up and massaged on meridian points across the body. The deep penetrating heat from the stones helps to release muscular tension and balance the body.

Price1 hr£55.00


By working on pressure points on your feet, the therapist can detect any deposit or unbalances. Any blockages found can be released, this helps promote self-healing and balances the body.

Price60 mins£60.00


Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).

Price t60 min£55.00


Bamboo Massage
Warm bamboo massage uses solid bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters to massage the body. The sticks are gently warmed and applied to give deep and long massage strokes to break down tension and stretch tight muscles.

Price per treatment 60 Mins £55.00


Chinese Cupping
Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, cellulite and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

Price per treatment 60 Mins £60.00

Scrubs, Wraps and Body Exfoliation

A choice of one hour body treatments to choose from for £35 which includes a light massage

Soothing Chocolate & Cocoa Bean Self-heating Body Wrap.
This Chocolate Self-heating Herbal Pack is formulated with Cocoa Beans and Algae stimulating to the skin as well as relaxing and nourishing. The very fine powder turns into an effervescent, self heating paste when mixed with water. As the temperature gently rises, the wrap exudes a sweet chocolate aroma and releases its active ingredients. The cocoa scent promotes a feeling of well-being and relives stress. Also contains red and brown algae which are also rich in anti-oxidants and help promote firmness and elasticity and improve hydration levels in the skin. 

Rosemary & Guarana Peel off Body Wrap
This is our “no fuss, no mess” wrap and perfect for treatment rooms with no shower facility. This gel like treatment combines Algae, Fat Busting Guarana and Horsetail with aromatic and uplifting Rosemary Essential Oil, rich in anti-oxidants to target cellulite and hydrate and tone the skin. Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) seed extract has very high caffeine levels which are thought to target cellulite, reduce puffiness and give a smoothing effect to the skin. It is also used in skincare for its toning, anti-inflamma tory and astringent properties. It is a natural stimulant. Rosemary oil can also help stimulate cell renewal, help keep skin taut and toned and lock moisture back into the skin. Kaolin improves skin’s balance and reducing the levels of pore-clogging oils, dirt, and toxins.

Lime & Lemongrass Body Salt Scrub Exfoliation
Our most popular scrub will revive tired and dull skin. The fresh lime and zesty lemon notes in this gorgeous scrub make it the perfect pre-cocktails pick-me-up. Lime juice is considered as a natural bleaching agent due to its skin lightening properties. It can be used to lighten dark spots as well as its antibiotic properties inhibit the growth of the acne causing bacteria.

Laminaria Slimming & Re-mineralising Body Wrap
Our Laminaria Body Wrap has a combination of specially selected seaweeds for intense shaping, reducing cellulite and to help flush out toxins whilst hydrating and protecting the skin and helping maintain its elasticity. Our professionally designed fine powder is easily mixed with water to obtain an unctuous, smooth paste and is ideal for slimming spa rituals and thalassotherapy treatments.